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Book & Ride Wheelchair Taxis Sydney, Australia

Welcome to Just Taxi Maxi, your anytime, anywhere solution for booking and riding wheelchair taxis Sydney, Australia. With a commitment to comfort and convenience, we specialize in providing seamless transportation for individuals needing wheelchair cabs Sydney.
We understand the importance of having wheelchair accessible taxi options readily available. That’s why we offer easy booking services, ensuring you can book wheelchair taxis effortlessly. With our focus on accessibility and customer satisfaction, finding wheelchair taxis near me has never been easier.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Transportations

At Just Taxi Maxi, we understand the importance of easy access to transportation, especially for individuals needing wheelchair-friendly options. Our fleet includes specially equipped cabs designed to accommodate wheelchairs comfortably and securely, ensuring a stress-free travel experience. All our wheelchairs have been designed in accordance with the Australian disability standards.

Aged Care Home Transfers

Seniors transitioning to or from aged care homes deserve extra care and consideration. Our service focuses on providing a comfortable, smooth journey. We ensure our vehicles are wheelchair accessible and our drivers are experienced in accommodating any special needs or preferences. We’re dedicated to making this transition smooth and stress-free.

Nursing Home Transfers

Any shift to or from a nursing home can be a significant change for people with disabilities. Our transportation service has been crafted to offer a gentle and supportive experience to our valuable passengers. Our drivers are trained to provide compassionate assistance, ensuring a safe and reliable journey.

Old Age Home Transfers

Are you planning to move to or from an old age home? Our transportation service prioritizes the comfort and well-being of seniors. Our vehicles are equipped with amenities to ensure a comfortable ride, and our drivers are attentive and understanding, making the journey pleasant and reassuring.

Disability Transfers

Individuals with disabilities often require specialized transportation. Our service is designed to be fully accessible and accommodating. Our goal is to make transportation a smooth and positive experience for everyone.

Assist Travel Transportation

Our assist travel service is dedicated to providing extra support during travel. Whether it’s helping with luggage, offering a steady hand, or providing extra time for boarding, our team ensures a stress-free journey.

What Types of Vehicles Are Accessible for Wheelchair Passengers?

Our Maxi Taxis are spacious, accommodating up to 12 passengers, making them ideal for group travels or individuals needing more room. To book your wheelchair accessible taxi or inquire about our services, reach us at [Abcd]. Our friendly team is available to assist you with your bookings

Looking for a reliable disabled taxi service in Sydney? Look no further! Our wheelchair accessible taxis are equipped to accommodate passengers with disabilities, providing safe and efficient transportation throughout the city.

What Types of Vehicles Are Accessible for Wheelchair Passengers?

  1. When you are looking for a “Wheelchair Taxi Near Me” for safe and secure rides, it’s essential to find a service that not only helps you with your transportation needs but also prioritizes passenger safety, comfort, and reliability.
  2. A reliable wheelchair accessible taxi service ensures convenience and peace of mind for passengers with mobility challenges. Finding such a service nearby can significantly improve daily life by providing dependable transportation options designed for specific needs.
  3. Safety is paramount in such services. Wheelchair-accessible taxis are designed with safety features to secure wheelchairs during transit, ensuring stability and preventing any unexpected movements while the vehicle is in motion. This attention to safety is crucial for passengers with disabilities or limited mobility, offering reassurance throughout the journey.
  4. Moreover, these taxis prioritize accessibility, ensuring that individuals with wheelchairs have a hassle-free mode of transport readily available. Such vehicles are equipped with ramps or lifts, allowing easy entry and exit for wheelchair users, and eliminating any obstacles that might hinder their movement.
  5. Beyond physical accessibility, these services create a sense of security and comfort. Trained and compassionate drivers provide assistance, understanding the unique needs of passengers and offering support as required. This personal service provides a welcoming environment, contributing to a positive and stress-free travel experience.
  6. When searching for a “Wheelchair Taxi Near Me,” the emphasis is not only on transportation but also on the quality of the journey. Reliable and secure rides ensure passengers reach their destinations safely and on time. A wheelchair-accessible taxi service near you should offer safety, reliability, accessibility, and comfort, providing a helping hand for individuals with mobility challenges and empowering them to navigate their daily lives with ease and confidence.

Why Choose Australia Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service?

Accessible Destinations in Sydney, Australia

Our service covers various accessible destinations across Sydney. Whether it's medical appointments, social outings, or other locations, we'll get you there comfortably and securely.

Assistance Animals Welcome

We warmly welcome assistance animals onboard. We understand that these furry friends are part of your family and that is why, they're more than welcome in our wheelchair accessible taxis.

Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

Experience the convenience and comfort of our wheelchair accessible taxis, designed to cater to your specific needs and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Simple Pre-Booking Process

Booking your wheelchair accessible taxi is easy! With a straightforward pre-booking process, you can schedule your ride in advance, ensuring timely and convenient transportation.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in keeping our prices transparent and open. No hidden charges or surprises – just clear and upfront pricing for our wheelchair-accessible taxi services.

Specialized Transfers

Need a specialized transfer? We cater to various needs, offering specialized transportation services crafted to ensure your comfort and convenience.

Companion-Friendly Travel

Our wheelchair-accessible taxis ensure you can travel comfortably with your companions. Enjoy the journey together in a spacious and accommodating environment.

Advanced Lift Systems

Our taxis are equipped with advanced lift systems, ensuring hassle-free boarding for wheelchair passengers.


Booking a wheelchair accessible Maxi in Sydney through Just Taxi Maxi is a very easy process! Using our user-friendly platform, anyone with a mobile device can easily book. Simply download the Just Taxi app for effortless booking. It instantly provides the fare after booking, ensuring transparency and convenience.
To book, fill in details like pick-up location, address, contact number, and the number of passengers in the app. With just two simple steps of opening the app and booking the Maxi cab, you’re all set for a prompt and tranquil journey.

  1.  Convenience: These taxis are specially designed to accommodate wheelchairs, making travel easier and more comfortable for individuals with mobility challenges.
  2. Accessibility: With the help of hydraulic lifts, we provide an accessible mode of transportation, ensuring everyone can move around conveniently, regardless of mobility limitations.
  3. Safety: Wheelchair-accessible taxis are equipped with features to secure wheelchairs during travel, ensuring safety for passengers with disabilities.
  4. Comfort: These taxis often have spacious interiors, ensuring a more comfortable and relaxed travel experience for wheelchair users.

The cost of a Maxi Taxi for a wheelchair can vary based on factors like distance traveled, time of day, and any additional services required. Prices for wheelchair-accessible taxis usually are similar to those with standard taxi fares but might include an additional fee for specialized features and assistance provided for wheelchair passengers.
You can check with us via call or the app for accurate pricing details before booking to ensure transparency.