Just Taxi Maxi

Ride Safe Secure with Just Taxi

Before you ride with us

We instruct and examine each Driver

At our company, your safety is our top priority. Each driver undergoes a comprehensive screening process, including a thorough background check and police verification. Beyond basic checks, we go the extra mile. Our drivers receive specialized training in utilizing our security features and handling challenging situations.
Safety isn’t a one-time check. We continuously monitor driving histories to guarantee updated and improved security. Any identified poor behaviour is taken seriously. Drivers found to exhibit such behaviour undergo mandatory remedial training before being reconsidered for driving with us.
Rest assured; we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for unacceptable behaviour. We’re committed to providing you with drivers who prioritize your safety and comfort, ensuring a secure and pleasant journey every time you ride with us.

Our Vehicles

Your safety is our top priority. Our range of vehicles undergo mandatory inspections regularly, ensuring the reliability and safety of your journeys. With each vehicle subjected to thorough examinations consisting of over 50 checkpoints, covering everything from the exterior and interior features to the mechanical aspects, we guarantee a level of safety three times higher than other vehicles.
All our drivers and operators are required to maintain the appropriate level of insurance, providing you with additional peace of mind during your travels.
When you ride with us, your safety is further ensured by the visible display of your driver’s photo ID, featuring their name and cab number. This verification guarantees that you’re travelling with a qualified, police-checked professional.

During your trip

Your app has built-in security

Feel secure with our app’s built-in safety measures. Your privacy matters to us, and when you book a ride through our app, rest assured that your personal information remains confidential. We ensure that our drivers cannot access your phone number, whether they call you or you utilize the ‘Contact Driver’ feature within the app.
We understand the importance of safeguarding your information and providing real-time assistance. That’s why our app is designed not only for convenience but also for your safety and privacy at its core. Enjoy peace of mind while navigating your travels, knowing that your personal details are protected and assistance is just a touch away.

Our vehicle has built-in safety.

At our taxi company, we prioritize your well-being throughout your journey. Each vehicle comes with a dedicated safety system designed to ensure your peace of mind. Our company integrates cutting-edge cameras and multiple GPS tracking devices in every vehicle.
Rest assured, your safety is actively monitored. Our Contact Centre operates 24/7, keeping a vigilant eye on the real-time locations of all our vehicles. This continuous oversight ensures immediate action if needed, enhancing your safety at every turn.

Support anytime, even after your trip

24/7 contact centre with dedication

We are always here for you, around the clock – our dedicated contact centre ensures assistance anytime you need it. Reaching our contact centre is as simple as a tap. No matter the time or place, our team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or support you may need. Count on our reliable service and commitment to your safety and privacy every time you ride with us.