Just Taxi Maxi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I schedule a ride with Just Taxi Maxi?

The fastest way to book a Just Taxi ride is through our user-friendly Just Taxi app. In just a few taps, you can arrange your ride, pick your car type, secure a price guarantee, and even select your preferred drivers. Alternatively, you can book directly on our website by clicking the ‘Book Now’ button on the homepage for a smooth booking experience. For immediate assistance, our operators are available round-the-clock at 1300587898.

How can I pay for the ride?

At Just Taxi, we’ve got different payment options through which you can pay us at your convenience. If you’ve booked a cab using our app, it’s easy to pay right within the app. We’ll email you a receipt for your records.
If you’ve booked a cab on the street or made a booking over the phone or online, paying is simple. You can use your preferred credit or debit card or pay with cash.

Why do ride sharers' fares always rise while Just Taxi's never do?

At Just Taxi, keeping things fair and transparent is the priority. Unlike some other services, we don’t hike our fares. When you ride with Just Taxi, you can count on consistent and reliable pricing regardless of demand.

How does the Price Guarantee work?

At Just Taxi, what you see is what you pay! When you book through our app, the price displayed for your trip from point A to B is the exact amount you’ll pay. No surprises or hidden fees. We’re committed to transparency.
The only exceptions are if you decide to change your destination during the ride or request a different route than the one initially calculated by the app.

Can I ask for a specific kind of taxi?

Absolutely! At Just Taxi, we take pride in our diverse range of taxis, serving various needs. Whether you’re looking for a sedan, an SUV, a spacious MAXI-Taxi, a premium Silver Service car, or require wheelchair accessibility, we’ve got you covered. Simply specify your preferred type when booking through our app, or let us know your choice, and we’ll ensure your ride matches your needs.

Can I book my favourite Driver?

With Just Taxi, you can favourite your preferred driver and the next time you book a ride, you have the option to request one of your favourite drivers. If they’re available at the time of your request, they’ll be on their way to pick you up.

Parcel Delivery

What is the Delivery process for Just Taxi?

When you visit our website or tap ‘Delivery’ in the Just Taxi app, just follow the steps that come up on your screen. Whether it’s a package or something important, we’ve got your back with our fast and reliable delivery service.

What if I require a pick-up and delivery service for something?

We can help you with that as well. Go to our website or the app and enter the details of the pickup and delivery location. We will ensure that your item is delivered safely and securely.

What delivery services can Just Taxi provide?

If your package fits in our sedan, SUV or Maxi Taxi, we will ensure that we deliver the package as soon as possible.

What is it that Just Taxi won't deliver?

At Just Taxi, we’re here to help with most things, but there are a few important exceptions. Our drivers won’t pick up anything illegal or dangerous. That means no fireworks, stolen stuff, drugs, weapons, explosives, fuel, or anything hazardous. If things can’t fit safely inside the cab or if they aren’t packed properly, our drivers can’t take them.

What is the average pick-up time?

We ensure that your package is picked up as soon as possible and usually, it takes 10 minutes on average.

When can I use the delivery service?

We are available to deliver parcels 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and that too in the most secure and convenient way possible.

What is the price of it?

At Just Taxi, we believe in fair pricing for all your packages. No surprises or extra charges. Our prices stay the same, whether it’s a busy day or late at night. The price you see while booking is the exact amount you’ll pay.

I own a small company. Can I use Delivery by Just Taxi?

At Just Taxi, we’re always ready to serve small businesses. Our on-demand delivery service aims to help businesses to places where we provide service. Count on us for fast and careful handling of your deliveries, making sure they arrive right on time.

Is my item insured in the unlikely event that it gets damaged in transit?

Unfortunately, in case of such events, your item is not insured.

Is a Driver Able to Refuse My Order?

Yes, our drivers may not be able to deliver certain items such as:

  • Restricted Items: If your parcel contains things on our list of items we can’t transport.
  • Higher Value or Weight: Items over $100AUD in value or heavier than 16 kg.
  • Fragile Items: Sometimes, fragile stuff needs extra care that our cabs might not be able to provide.
  • Large items that need more than one person to lift and put in our cabs.


How should I choose Multi-Stop?

When booking your ride with Just Taxi, tap the plus button and add in all the stops you need along your route.

How many stops does Multi-Stop allow me to have?

You can add up to two extra stops along with your pickup and final destination.

Will Multi-Stop cost me extra money?

With Just Taxi, we always listen to the needs of our passengers and therefore, our Price Guarantee includes all your stops when you book through our app. We have designed the multi-stop feature to make your ride planning easy.

Can I choose MyDriver and utilize Multi-Stop?

Definitely! With Multi-Stop and MyDriver, you’re completely in charge of your ride. You can decide where you stop along the way and even select your preferred driver.

How long is the cab allowed to stop?

We aim to provide quick service and therefore, we ask our drivers to keep stops under 2 minutes.

Pre-Authorisation of Payments

Why payment pre-authorisation?

At Just Taxi, your security matters. That’s why we’ve implemented payment pre-authorization—it’s an extra layer of protection against potential fraud.

When will my payment be pre-authorized by Just Taxi?

At Just Taxi, your payment method gets pre-authorized in two instances: when you add a new payment method to your account and every time you ask for a ride.

How much is my trip cost and how much is the pre-authorization hold amount?

The pre-authorisation hold is a set amount decided beforehand. It could represent the estimated fare for your ride, be as low as $1, or another specific amount as required by Just Taxi. We aim to ensure a smooth experience for you, so the pre-authorisation amount might differ from your final trip cost, but it’s there to secure your booking and simplify payment.

Why does my card statement show a "pending" charge even though I haven't travelled?

The ‘pending’ charge you see is a temporary pre-authorization hold, not an actual charge. This hold is a standard procedure to verify that the card linked to your account is active. It ensures a smooth and secure payment process when you’re ready to take your trip with Just Taxi.

When is the payment authorization released?

Once you arrive at your drop-off location, the payment hold will be lifted. The actual trip fare is then calculated to your chosen payment method and any pre-authorized amount (if applicable) is subtracted. This ensures that you’re only charged for the final trip cost after your journey with Just Taxi.

When I cancel my reservation, what happens to my payment authorization?

When you cancel your Just Taxi booking, any payment authorization will be released right away by us. However, it might take your bank around 2 to 7 business days to fully process this and show it in your account.

Does Just Taxi pre-authorize every reservation I make?

Sometimes we might pre-authorize your booking, but it’s not for every ride. We decide based on a few things like how many trips you’ve taken before, the way you pay, and the estimated cost of your ride.

What if my payment pre-authorisation fails?

If your payment payment pre-authorisation fails, you’ll get a message that will inform you about the same. You can try another card or payment method if you want. But remember, if the payment isn’t authorized, you won’t be able to book a ride with Just Taxi until the previous matter is sorted out.

Payment Security

Your payment information with Just Taxi stays quite safe. We use the best security to keep your details protected and encrypted. We don’t store your credit card data and it is kept private and secure.

Taxi Subsidy Scheme

Can I use the Just Taxi app and my TSS card?

Absolutely! At Just Taxi, we do welcome Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) cardholders to book rides through our app.

Here’s how to get started:

  1.  Tap on the menu and go to your profile.
  2. Click on “Are You a Member of a Taxi Subsidy Scheme?” and then choose “Yes”.
  3. Select your specific Taxi Subsidy Scheme from the options provided.
  4. Your Taxi Subsidy Scheme will then show up as a payment method.

Choosing a Vaccinated Driver

Why provide drivers with the option to be fully vaccinated?

At Just Taxi, we offer the choice of fully vaccinated drivers because your safety matters. When you ride with us, we make sure our drivers are vaccinated against Covid-19. We believe in doing our best to keep you safe while you ride with us and having vaccinated drivers is just a small step towards that goal.

Will there be additional costs?

Absolutely! At Just Taxi, there are no extra charges if you decide to book and ride with a driver who’s fully vaccinated.

Is a complete vaccination required to use the service?

At Just Taxi, there’s no need for passengers to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The government doesn’t ask for passengers to get their Covid-19 shots to use our service.

If Just Taxi Drivers don't get vaccinated, will they lose their jobs?

Drivers who are not vaccinated still have opportunities to work with us, especially in roles like parcel deliveries and other services where there’s no direct contact involved.