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Baby Car Seat in Sydney, Australia

When it comes to comfortable and smooth travel for you and your child anywhere in Australia , just get in touch with us. Our services extend to airport transfers, helping out specifically to families with children, including providing the perfect Baby Car Seat in Sydney, Australia.

Simply reach out to us ahead of your journey from anywhere in Sydney, Australia and we’ll provide the perfect car seat suited to your child’s age. You can trust our experienced drivers and well-designed infant seats in our vehicles that ensure your newborn’s safety during the ride. Your peace of mind is our priority. Our maxi cabs offer flexibility too. With various baby seats available in our cabs, designed for different ages, we’re committed to accommodating your family’s needs.

Why Choose "Just Taxi Maxi" for Baby Car Seat in Sydney, Australia

At Just Taxi Maxi, Our team of drivers is fully qualified and experienced to ensure your infant or child travels safely and securely in their seat. Each driver undergoes important training sessions to guarantee the best care for your little ones.
We take pride in offering a wide range of transportation options. Whether it’s a booster, car seat, or capsule, we can adjust any combination, providing the flexibility and convenience your family needs. We have committed ourselves to providing safety and comfort, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Types of Baby Car Seat Taxis Sydney Offered

Booster seats

Ideal for older children who have outgrown traditional car seats, booster seats provide elevation, ensuring that the seat belt fits properly across the child's chest and lap for added safety during travel.

Rearward facing capsules

These baby seats are designed to face the rear of the car, providing the best support and protection for newborns and infants.

Infant seats
Baby Seat

Our Maxi Specifically designed for infants Seats , these seats offer a comfortable and safe way to travel It Provides Safety and security To Infants

Convertible seats

These seats have multiple functions and are adaptable, capable of adjusting as your child grows. This Seats Are Most Reliable And Comfortable Seats For Insfants

Sydney Airport Taxi with Child Seat Pickups

Sydney Airport Taxi with Child Seat Pickups
When travelling with little ones, your peace of mind matters most. Our taxi service at Just Taxi Maxi aims to make your ride smooth during airport transfers by offering child seats for a secure and comfortable journey. Whether it’s an infant seat, booster, or convertible one, we’ve got options to suit your child’s age and size.
Booking a taxi with us means no worries about carrying or setting up a car seat. Simply relax while we ensure your child’s safety throughout the ride. With our reliable service, travelling to and from the airport becomes a memorable experience for you and your family.

Safe Child Baby Seat Service | Book Advance Maxi Cab With Baby Seat

The security and safety of our passengers is our top priority. Because we follow to the Sydney taxi baby seat law, every one of our car seats is fully certified to Australian Standard. For additional information, please click this link Every car seat has a complete label, and authorized checking stations inspect them on a regular basis

Benefits of Using Baby Car Seat Taxis

Using baby seat taxis offers several advantages for parents and their children:


The number one benefit is better safety for your child. Baby seat taxis are equipped with specially designed seats that follow safety standards, reducing the risk of injury in case of sudden stops or accidents.


These taxis eliminate the need for you to carry your own baby seat or worry about installing it correctly. You can simply request a baby seat taxi and ensure your child travels safely without the problem of handling the seat yourself.


These dedicated seats are designed for comfort, providing a secure space for your child to sit during the ride. They offer proper support and cushioning, making the journey more pleasant for your little one.

Peace of Mind

As a parent or caregiver, knowing that your child is safely secured in a properly installed seat within the taxi offers calmness, allowing you to focus on the journey without worry.

Legal Compliance

In many places, using a baby seat is a legal requirement for transporting young children in vehicles.

Experienced and Friendly Drivers

Child Safety Training: Our drivers at Just Taxi Maxi are specially trained to ensure the safety and well-being of your little ones. From understanding the importance of adjusting child seats properly to being attentive and careful while riding with children, our drivers undergo child safety training to give you a smooth experience during your journey.

Local Knowledge: When you ride with Just Taxi Maxi, you’re in the hands of drivers who know the details of the area very well. Whether it’s the fastest route during rush hour or hidden gems around the city, our drivers have the local knowledge that ensures you reach your destination efficiently and can even recommend great places to visit along the way.

Friendly and Courteous Service: Expect a friendly welcome and a smile from our drivers at Just Taxi Maxi. We take pride in offering not just a ride but an experience. From helping you with your luggage to accommodating your needs during the journey, our drivers are dedicated to providing friendly and warm service throughout your trip, making your ride enjoyable and comfortable.


Are baby car seats required in taxis in Australia

Most taxis in Australia might not have baby seats, but many specially equipped maxi cabs do offer this service. At Just Taxi, we understand the importance of safe and comfortable transportation for your little ones. Our dedicated maxi cabs often come equipped with baby seats, ensuring a secure ride for your child.

If you require a taxi with a baby seat, simply reach out to us by calling {contact number}, booking online, or emailing us at {email id}.

Which types of baby seats are suitable for taxi rides?

When considering baby seats for taxi rides, portable and easily installable options are best. Here are a few types suitable for taxi rides:


  1. Rear-Facing Seats: These are ideal for newborns and infants. They often come with a base that can remain installed in the taxi.
  2. Convertible Car Seats: These seats can be adjusted to fit both infants and older babies, usually rear-facing for younger children and forward-facing as they grow.
  3.  Travel Car Seats: Some brands design small, lightweight seats specifically for travel. These seats are easily portable and foldable.
  4.  Booster Seats: Suitable for older children who are not in need of traditional car seats, booster seats provide elevation for proper seat belt fit. They’re often more portable and easier to carry around.
Do I need to bring my own baby seat for a taxi ride in Sydney, Australia?

In Sydney, Australia, taxis are not legally bound to provide baby seats. Therefore, it’s advisable for parents and caregivers to bring their baby seat when taking a taxi in Sydney, Australia. Bringing your own seat ensures that your child travels safely and comfortably during the ride.

What safety features should I look for in a baby seat for taxis?

When choosing a baby seat specifically for taxi rides, consider these safety features:


  1. Ease of Installation: Look for seats that are easy to install without using the car’s LATCH system, as taxis may not have these. Seats with easy installation using a seat belt are preferable.
  2.  Portability and Lightweight Design: Go for seats that are easily portable and lightweight. This makes it simpler to carry around and install in different vehicles, including taxis.
  3.  Adjustability: Seats that offer adjustable features for straps, headrests, etc. can provide a better fit for your child.
  4.  Safety Certifications: Ensure the seat meets safety standards
  5. Comfort and Support: Seats with adequate padding, cushioning, and proper support for a child’s head, neck, and body can enhance comfort and safety during the ride.
  6.  Stability and Durability: Choose seats with a strong build to ensure stability and durability.
How to contact "Just Taxi Maxi" for a Baby Car Seat in Sydney, Australia?

You can reach out to us by mail at Suite 4, No 1 Station Road, Auburn NSW 2144.
Australia. Alternatively, you can visit our office located at Suite 3, 96 Rogers Street, Roselands NSW 2195. Feel free to give us a call at 1300 587 898. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or requests for a baby car seat for your taxi ride.

You can also reach us via email at support@justaxi.com.au. Drop us a message, and we’ll quickly respond to your query about arranging a baby car seat for your journey with Just Maxi Taxi in Sydney.

Can I book my favourite Driver?

With Just Taxi, you can favourite your preferred driver and the next time you book a ride, you have the option to request one of your favourite drivers. If they’re available at the time of your request, they’ll be on their way to pick you up.